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Free & Easy Package

Whether your free & easy package includes hotel or not, we have built-in pricing mechanism to cater to all. You may even add on optional items to the package. We know the industry really well and we want to give you convenience with our expertise.

Series Package

Uniquely for packages with fixed departures dates, you can now put your itinerary online with dates and pricing for different seasons/ peaks. After which, you may even print everything to PDF for your brochure or EDM blasting.

Coach / Ferry

You have the flexibility to create your own seating plans, regardless of how many deck you have in your ferry/bus or how odd is the shape. You may also reserve some seats for your retail counters. In our operation module, you may keep track of all these with just few clicks!

Point to Point Transfer / Airport Transfer

From airport transfer to transfer from one destination to another, you can sell them online instantly. You may create the vehicle type or capacity in the inventory and sell either by per pax or per vehicle.

Attraction Ticket

Adult ticket, child ticket, elder ticket or even bundle such as 2 adults 1 child, you name them, they are all possible, with different prices and quantity.

Hotel XML

Integration with XML providers instantly increases your product offerings and offers your customers with wider selection choices. Watch your sales increase while no management of inventories needed.

Contracted Hotel

You may input your own contracts with hotels and they will have priority over the same hotels from Hotel XML. Special conditions such as last minute deal, early-bird saver, stay 3 nights pay 2, discount for 2 minimum nights stay etc may be configured.

Insurance XML

Integration with travel insurance provides coverage for all countries worldwide to complement existing product offerings.

Why us

We understand your needs

1. Market Experience
We have a broad focus on the travel industry. We have worked with a lot of travel agencies and are currently serving some of the biggest name in the industry. With this experience, we are able to come up with a solution specialized enough to cater to the industry, while not compromising the usability.

2. Customer Experience
Your customers matter the most to us. We have built the system such that your customers gain convenience in shopping with you. Whether they are online, using any devices and browsers; or physical present at retail outlets, they can make bookings or retrieve past bookings online at ease.

  • We will need some background information of your travel agency to configure the features for your trial account.

  • Your DEMO Account includes a responsive B2C site with features optimized for you. You may create products, inventories and pricing to try out the features.

  • We will configure the live account for you, which includes a responsive B2C site, a B2B site and two apps (iOS and Android).

  • You will get email notifications for every bookings made. You may login from time to time to actively manage your products.

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